Saturday, July 14, 2007


Hopefully you all have started using Quicksilver by this point. I use it mainly as a file/folder/application launcher and I'm completely addicted to its ease of use.

Although it can be used as a simple launcher it's capable of so much more. It can be configured with triggers and actions that allow it to do just about anything. Merlin Mann is a huge proponent of workflow management in Quicksilver and you can find him at

Quicksilver Site:


g said...

I used to tout Launchbar, but I'm on the QS bandwagon now. It's just so extensible, it's ridiculous. However, it is still slow sometimes.

Invisible Phil said...

Well, let us know if you find some killer uses for it. I haven't used it for anything but launching yet but I'm open to learn new tricks!