Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aurora - free alarm clock for mac (it's cooler than you think)

Haven't had a chance to play with this yet but Aurora is a free application that will wake you to any song, playlist, or whatever in your iTunes collection. It will even wake your computer from a power-off state and with configuration can be used to prepare your computer for you in the morning.

Found the thing on the TUAW blog:

First off, Aurora (which we've written about in the past) is an free and easy little alarm clock that will play almost any media you've got, including any playlist in iTunes or even channels from EyeTV. There's an amazing number of options that go along with it (including setting the fade-in time and even waking your Mac from a power-off state), and with a little configuration, you can actually use it to get your Mac ready for you in the morning (one example even has the program starting up NetNewsWire for you after the alarm goes of. Pretty slick).

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